Dr. G's Blog

Did you know that the mind and the body, including the brain, are connected?  I'm sure you did.  Yet, when it comes to mental health care, we so often act as if they are separate.  What we frequently encounter are the psychiatrist MD's spending relatively short periods of time with their patients (e.g.. the "fifteen minute med check") to prescribe powerful psychoactive drugs, and then we have the psychotherapists, or non-MD's who are the ones who talk with the patients and get to know them on a deeper level.  Unfortunately, these days, insurance companies encourage this split-treatment arrangement.  It has become so ingrained in our society that people who go to psychiatrists often expect to leave with a prescription in hand.

Well, suppose you had the opportunity to consult with a psychiatrist who knows all about the brain as well as the mind, and who will talk with you, get to know you, help you get to know yourself better, and only if it becomes necessary, prescribe medication.  Would you want to see this doctor (all-in-one-care)?  This is what I do in my practice, and I encourage you to contact me if this type of expert treatment approach appeals to you.

Stay tuned for more to follow on the Mind-Body Connection in future columns.