Areas Of Practice

At The Center for Personal Growth, Dr. Gersman helps to empower individuals as they manage anxiety, depression, panic, and recover from eating disorders and substance abuse. He also offers guidance in enhancement of self-esteem, improvement in work performance, career counseling, development of healthy relationships, reduction of stress, and choice management. The goal of Dr. Gersman's work is to assist individuals in achieving their maximum potential so that they may lead happy and fulfilling lives, unencumbered by "baggage" from the past. In addition to the medical and prescription training which is common to every psychiatrist, he also has extensive training and experience in the provision of psychotherapy, also known as "talking therapy." Dr. Gersman emphasizes the biological-psychological-social model of psychiatry, which has as its premise that most problems in living are multidimensional and not simply due to a "chemical imbalance," or "all in the head."

Using a combination of psychotherapy and medication techniques, Dr. Gersman has had great success in helping others overcome depression, reduce anxiety, manage panic and fear, and recover from eating disorders and substance abuse. He has been very effective in helping those who are working an active recovery program and attending 12-Step meetings regularly, but usually only after the recovering individual has completed an extensive inpatient or residential treatment stay. He does not offer outpatient "detox" from alcohol, tranquilizers, or opioids, as this is almost always better done in a controlled inpatient environment.

Dr. Gersman’s main focus has always been helping others to achieve personal growth, learn how to manage their own thoughts and emotions, and often reduce reliance on medication over time.