Relationship Issues

Dr. Gersman's focus of work is empowering others to take better control of their lives, whether relating to their emotional health, career, relationships, marriage, or family. Relationship issues, including making relationships and marriages work, managing breakups, and coping with divorce, are common reasons individuals and couples seek therapy.

Some relationship issues addressed by Dr. Gersman include:

• Controlling behavior
• Anger management
• Poor communication
• Repetitive fighting and unresolved conflict
• Blaming and defensiveness
• Emotional and physical distance
• Affairs
• Substance abuse

Dr. Gersman’s psychotherapeutic approach to relationship issues integrates techniques from the models of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic theory. He believes that problems in our emotional states and in our relationships have their origin in patterns we learned which helped us cope with the challenges facing us as children. As we become adults and our circumstances change, our ways of coping often do not, and therefore they become outmoded and even destructive. The goal of psychotherapy is first to identify problematic beliefs, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors, then to understand their origins in earlier life experiences, and finally to begin the process of therapeutic healing and change.