College Mental Health

Dr. Gersman makes the empowerment of others the focus of his work, encouraging individuals to take better control of their lives, whether relating to emotional health, career, relationships, or family. This goal becomes especially evident in his work with college students.

Through his years of study and practicing psychiatry, Dr. Gersman has developed therapeutic interventions that can assist in the process of self-improvement, as well as aid in overcoming various mental health issues. In his work with college students from the 1990s through today, he has seen firsthand the unique pressures and stressors that these individuals face on a daily basis. He is able to quickly grasp the central issues each individual is coping with and design a plan of care that inspires him or her to embrace powerful personal change.

College, although an exciting time for many, is normally a time of extreme change which can be stressful and overwhelming to others. Because of this fact, depression, anxiety, substance use and abuse, and eating disorders are common mental health issues at college campuses. Dr. Gersman understands the issues that college students face, as well as the need for availability of psychotherapy services that students can take advantage of. 

As current Medical Director for a Women’s Mental Health and Eating Disorders program, Dr. Gersman works primarily with college-aged students in the residential eating disorders center. Additionally, his previous work in student mental health services at Columbia University provides him with additional expertise in the area of college mental health.